May 10, 2024

As the title of the lecture suggests, the employees will be engaged in the tasks of e.g. writing or analyzing texts, writing reports, etc. They would be able to do as much in 1 hour of work as before in 2 hours. In total, employee productivity will grow from 10% to a few 10%, depending on the job.

Think about it this way: GPT scores an IQ of 155 in recent tests, and it’s an effective helper if you know how to use it properly. Would you like to have such a free 24/7 assistant?

Lectures and exercises/seminars are intended for everyone (absolutely everyone!), both employees and managers, both for personal use and for the introduction of these methods in a company, organization and institution. Again, we can think in new ways: Why not increase the staff of an institution, company or organization by 100% for practically zero cost and why not have these extras work all day as our assistants for various tasks? How much would your institution make with 2x more employees (employees and virtual assistants) and unchanged costs? Want to achieve it?

The event will take place online on Thursday 6 June 2024 at 10:00.

Konkretna uporaba generativne inteligence (GPT – Generative Pretrained Transformer) – kako doseči dvig produktivnosti za 100%

Objectives of the seminar:

  1. Basic concepts of artificial intelligence, GPTs, large language models
  2. Familiarization with basic tools (GPT, Gemini, Copilot …), methods of use
  3. How to increase productivity by 100%
  • On assignments with texts
  • In knowledge tasks
  • In tasks that require a high IQ
  • As an assistant for other various tasks, e.g. calculation
  • As a consultant, a collaborator in finding directions and evaluating ideas

Lectures and specific exercises/seminars will be conducted by a group led by prof. dr. Matjaž Gams from the “Jožef Stefan” Institute, who with 50 years of artificial intelligence (AI) practice and 20 years of research advanced or super-AI and 200 projects in this part of Europe. The group implemented around 300 ChatGPT type assistants of the older generation, now they are working on new ones with LLama and GPT. In the last year, the group gave a lecture directly to 2,000 participants.