May 10, 2024

For several years now, artificial intelligence has been outperforming humans in a number of tasks, e.g. recognizing pictures in fog or rain, solving mathematical and logical problems, etc. With the latest generation of generative intelligence (GPT), however, systems have become such effective assistants that they raise productivity by 100%, working 24/7, often at virtually no cost.

The event will take place online on Thursday 23 May 2024 at 10:00.

The lecture with exercises is divided into several parts:

  1. Artificial intelligence, trends, what it offers now and what will happen soon (note: development is extremely fast and therefore it is important to learn at least for the near future);
  2. Overview of artificial intelligence tools, applications and services;
  3. Exercises on some of the most effective AI tools, e.g. GPT, where there is an increase in productivity by 100% after a few hours of exercises, or machine learning, which requires a little more prior knowledge for effective use;
  4. Where artificial intelligence already surpasses humans, is extremely useful and useful, and where it will be soon;
  5. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, dangers and incredible benefits / profits.
Kaj vse nudi umetna inteligenca vam ter vaši organizaciji, instituciji in/ali podjetju – predavanja o osnovnih konceptih in orodjih od GPT4 do strojnega učenja in vizualizacije

The special feature of this lecture is mainly in two components:

  • Regarding a broad overview of the field of artificial intelligence and regarding artificial intelligence tools on both personal computers and mobile phones
  • Regarding interactive use – exercises or demonstrations of typical AI tools and services.

After the lectures, significantly greater knowledge / knowledge of artificial intelligence and its use in general and in practice – both individually and at the level of projects or entire organizations, institutions and companies. A noticeable increase in productivity is also expected.

The lecture and professional-educational seminar will be held by a group led by prof. dr. Matjaž Gams from the “Jožef Stefan” Institute, who with 50 years of artificial intelligence (AI) practice and 20 years of research advanced or super-AI and 200 projects leading in this part of Europe. In the last year, his group gave a lecture directly to 2,000 participants. Transfers into practice in the field of AI are particularly important, i.e. a lot of concrete experience, even from times when AI was not yet so successful.