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Namen DIGI-SI Funding Clinics je nuditi podporo strankam pri iskanju dodatnih naložb in priložnosti financiranja na nacionalni, EU in globalni ravni za njihov digitalni in zeleni prehod.


In digitization, Slovenia lags far behind the most developed countries of the European Union due to the low level of digitization of companies and public administration. The gaps in the level of digitization are particularly large in the 4 key sectors of S5 smart specialization: agri-food, health, manufacturing, and tourism, and have become even more visible during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are several reasons for the low level of digitization, and one of them is certainly the lack of available financial resources.

The purpose of DIGI-SI Funding Clinics is to support clients in finding additional investments and funding opportunities at the national, EU, and global levels for their digital and green transition – in short, to enable access to funding. DIGI-SI will also connect with other EDIHs and enrich the Slovenian innovation ecosystem by attracting new venture capital investors and private investors to the Slovenian market.

The DIGI-SI Funding Clinics are focused on the S5 four thematic sectors mentioned above, as well as all those covering the Green Deal themes and including the creative industries. In addition to the mentioned sectors, opportunities are also being sought where the digital transformation will be based on the integration of technologies such as AI, HPC, CyberSec, robotics, IoT, Big data, Blockchain, and AR/VR. DIGI-SI Funding clinic activities will be organized according to the source of funding – national tenders, EU tenders, and alternative and private funding sources will be presented.

*The seminar is a planned event that takes place several times a year. By purchasing this service, you express your interest in participating. Details will be agreed with your DIGI-SI agent.

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