DIGI-Start: Vital check-up of your digital readiness

350.00 + DDV

Choose your DIGI-SI agent to guide you through a basic assessment of your organization’s digital maturity and services to accelerate processes and improve products/services.


Find your DIGI-SI agent who will guide you through a basic assessment of your organization’s digital maturity and, with the help of a digital compass, point you to services that can help you speed up your processes and improve your products and services. With the help of a questionnaire that refers to 6 areas of your operation, in addition to a report on the analysis of your situation, you will also obtain recommendations and a comparison of your level of digital maturity with respect to related companies on the market. It is about assessing the client’s awareness of the key issues of digital transformation (experience – successes or failures). This step gives the client a better understanding of their digital maturity – stronger and weaker digital aspects and how well they stack up against their reference markets. A DIGI-SI agent will illustrate the benefits of further support and the risk of no further action being taken by the SME and assess the understanding and ambition of your digital transformation.

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All types of organization – full price, Medium company, Micro company, Public organization, Small company


Eastern Slovenia Cohesion Region, Western Slovenia Cohesion Region


Arctur, DIHS – Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia, ITC – Innovation Technology Cluster Murska Sobota, JSI – Jožef Stefan Institute, TCS – Toolmakers Cluster of Slovenia, TPLJ – Technology Park Ljubljana, UM – University of Maribor


Deminimis aid: The service chosen is subsidised at 25% of the full cost of the service under the State aid scheme "deminimis".