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Join us at the professional-educational seminars Demystification of technologies with top experts who will take you into the world of leading technologies and their use.


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18 January 2024 Demiystifying user (in)security online

Are you aware of opportunities that lie in digital technologies? Did you know that digitization can significantly improve the efficiency of your organization? Automating manual processes, reducing errors, and improving productivity are just some of the benefits of digitization that can significantly affect your competitiveness both in the domestic and foreign markets. Join us at professional-educational seminars Demystifying technologies in four thematic sectors (production, agri-food, health, and tourism) with top experts who will take you into the world of leading technologies and their application in the chosen field of interest.

*The professional-educational seminar is a planned event that takes place several times a year. By purchasing this service, you express your interest in participating. Details will be agreed with your DIGI-SI agent.

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