March 14, 2024

With Product P2, the Slovenian Enterprise Fund encourages young, innovative companies to realize their development potential. It preferentially focuses on areas consistent with the principles of climate neutrality, the circular economy and the strategy of smart specialization (S5).

The subject of the product is the co-financing (subsidy) of the start-up of innovative companies, the development of MVP (minimum viable product) and the launch of commercial products on the market. The amount of the subsidy is EUR 72,000, with 100 percent coverage of eligible costs. The payment will be made in three installments over a period of two and a half years.

The P2 product is intended for companies that have a product in the development phase, preferably a prototype, but may have already validated the product or service with early users and have a clear idea of how they will create a solution and bring it to market.

Important novelties in 2024:

  • The solution must be consistent with at least one priority area of the Slovenian strategy for sustainable smart specialization (S5)
  • Participation in the startup trening brings points in the tender
  • Higher subsidy per company
  • Instead of 40 companies, 30 companies are supported, 16 companies from the Eastern and 14 companies from the Western cohesion region
  • Only limited liability companies (d.o.o.) and independent entrepreneurs and cooperatives can apply for the tender

Call is open until 29. 3. 2024.