Partner: ITC – Inovacijsko tehnološki grozd Murska Sobota

Green point Trans is a distribution centre that manages a short food supply chain with vegetables, fruits and other local products. The company was founded in 2018 with the aim of connecting local farmers with end consumers and offering them local, fresh and healthy food. The short food supply chain includes more than 70 local farmers, food producers and cooperatives covering the production process in greenhouses and outdoors, with logistics from their own distribution centre and through various sales methods such as e.g. public institutions (schools, kindergartens, homes for the elderly, …), private institutions (restaurants, spas, …), own retail and online store – GREEN DOT. ZELANA TOČKA, as a short food supply chain, constantly implements innovative business models and technologies and tries to increase the share of local and safe food in the circle of end customers. She is very active in raising awareness of the importance of local food producers and safe, healthy and local food.

The green point is involved in the digital transformation process through the DIH Agrifood Digital Innovation Junction. They are implementing blockchain technology that allows for the tracking of produce from the field to the consumer’s table. Thus, for each piece of vegetable/fruit, we know where and by whom it was grown. This gives the user the greatest possible guarantee that he has bought safely grown vegetables from nearby.

To ensure transparency, traceability and trust in local food production, blockchain technology (BC) represents a natural technology that fits into the so-called short food supply chain. Each stakeholder in the chain (except the consumer) is equipped with a digital identity linked to the BC, with each stop in the chain being treated with a BC transaction, digitally signed by a registered and verified stakeholder of the chain itself (e.g. manufacturer, delivery service, etc.) . Each BC transaction deals with basic BC-related data (i.e. timestamp, digital identity, signature), as well as product-related data (i.e. species, harvest region, harvest date, etc.) and logistics-related information (i.e. . LOT number, type, etc.). The proposed system also allows for the storage of digital evidence (i.e. photos of setups, growth and harvest or delivery, etc.). In the end, all this information is available to the customer, who can access additional information about the same product by scanning the QR code.

Zelena Točka Trans, z.o.o.

The process of introducing traceability is long and difficult, as it is not only about the development of new technology, but also about the implementation process itself, which includes both farmers on the one hand and buyers on the other. For this reason, we can say that the process of introducing such technology is multifaceted, as it includes both technological and sociological aspects. During this process, the employees of ITC and DIH AGRIFOOD partners provided us with exceptional support. ITC helped us mainly with sociological aspects, how to include farmers in the process itself and how to start convincing buyers that technology can help them with additional information. DIH AGRIFOOD partners helped us to introduce both technology and a new process within the supply chain. At the same time, we are also involved in various projects from ITC, with which we also obtained partial financing for the implementation of such a process. -Andrej Vučkič, Business Manager