Partner: IJS – Institut Jožef Stefan

Implementation of Moving bed biofilm reactor technology in production processes

Bor-plastika d. o. o. is a fast-growing private company from Croatia with a wide array of thermoplastic products. Simultaneously with the constant improving of their production technologies, the company further diversified their selling programme with the devices for wastewater and air treatment. One of the accomplishments is also a newly developed method for treatment of different types of wastewater.

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Bor-plastika d. o. o.

Bor-plastika is a privately owned company founded in 1997. Over the years, it has grown into a reputable company, renowned in its field of expertise. The company offers a wide array of products made of thermoplastics, and its core business activity is the manufacture of wastewater treatment devices. Our main product is a device for the treatment of sanitary sewage with an activated sludge process. Since we were using around 200 tons of thermoplastics per year, we needed a new technology that would help us save on raw material and reduce the volume of the device, while maintaining or improving its efficiency. We wanted to keep up with technological development and introduce innovative processes into our production, but it was impossible to find big technology centres that could help us in Croatia. So, we decided to connect with technology centre abroad – Jožef Stefan Institute, who helped us introduce the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology into our production processes. That has resulted in lower production costs, waste of generation reduced almost to zero, and much better output parameters of purified water. We can now proudly say that we are an environmentally friendly company. Our production process is now shorter, and a good portion of waste plastics goes back to production. In the future, we also expect to see an increase in sales. We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with the JSI technology centre during the entire product development process. The technology centre’ employees were always available and ready to answer all our questions about project implementation. Since we are currently cooperating with them on other projects, I would say that the cooperation was more than great. -CEO of Bor-plastika d. o. o.