November 24, 2023

From November 3 to 5, the European Commission’s 3-day CASSINI Hackathon was held at Tovarna podjemov in Maribor, where participants developed new solutions to support the development of more stable food chains, optimizing food production and technology-supported agriculture. The common point of the solutions is the use of data from European space programs, which represent a veritable treasure trove of new added value and innovation possibilities.

The sixth international CASSINI Hackathon took place in parallel in 11 European countries and was focused on finding innovative solutions for the sustainable progress of our society and on solutions for providing humanitarian aid. Ways of using data from European satellites will be explored for:

• better planning of critical infrastructure (e.g. for the provision of electricity, water and postal services, etc.),

• improving the safety of food production and supply and more efficient provision of drinking water, and

• predicting the causes of forced migration.

The CASSINI Hackathon took place in two rounds. The first round took place in individual countries, where the organizers chose a national winner. This then made it to the European finals, which took place online on November 9, 2023. At that time, the overall winner of the sixth CASSINI Hackathon was chosen.

Winning at the national level was the Wine Guard team, which offers a solution to monitor vineyards, provide information on vineyard health and enable growers to isolate and repair problem plants.

At the European level, the Slovenian team did not make it to the forefront, but all the winning teams solved the problems of the safety of food chains.

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