April 4, 2023

This is what the results of the Tourbit Digital Readiness Index (DRI)are telling us.

At the end of July, the Tourbit project officially released the aforementioned Digital Readiness Index (DRI). The DRI has been built on Arctur’s AAT and it is a free to use system available through the Tourbit project. The tool assesses the digital maturity of companies in the tourism sector in different areas and provides recommendations to promote its implementation.

By the end of November, 62 European Tourism Companies already relied on the DRI and about 40% of tourism SMEs that have assessed their state of digitalization through the DRI are still beginners regarding the use of digital tools. And this is where the Tourbit Digital Acceleration Programme comes in!


Starting in January the Tourbit Digital Acceleration Programme aims to support, during 10 months, more than 60 tourism SMEs in their digital transformation process. By presenting their project of digital transformation, tourism SMEs will have the chance to get funding (up to max. € 8.000 (Catalonia, Île de France, Portugal, Slovenia) / € 9.000 (Brussels, Lapland, Iceland) and to implement it with the support of a mentor/expert and get access to an international network.

And how exactly we can get to the top position to develop custom digitalisation projects through Tourbit you may ask? By knowing and improving the level of your company’s digitalisation through the use of the DRI, of course. To undertake a digital maturity assessment means is to open up the opportunity for participating in a myriad of upcoming project activities.

 International project Tourbit (Fostering digitalisation of European tourism SMEs) offers SMEs in tourism sector the opportunity to acquire additional skills in the field of implementing digital solutions in their business. Arctur, the Tourism 4.0 initiator, is a part of the cross-European Tourbit consortium understanding that digitalisation poses many challenges to tourism SMEs.

DRI tool will be available also as a service within DIGI-SI.