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By promoting a unique combination of competencies and interests, HPC5 provides advanced HPC and cloud computing services to encourage, facilitate and enhance research and innovation in vertical niches that generate high social and economic value. HPC5 also connects communication breakthrough between Slovenia and Italy, stimulates awareness and demand for HPC and Cloud Computing services, regional talent, and skills development. HPC5 is a European DIH and is a proud and active member of the EU Digital Innovation Hub ecosystem. Since HPC5 establishment, benefits of using HPC were introduced to more than 100 companies from various sectors. Furthermore, HPC5 members helped more than 20 organizations to apply to Fortissimo and FF4EuroHPC open calls and more than 10 received the fund, and with the application of the HPC created their success stories with great results such as: SMEs optimized and developed their products or services in shorter time with less costs and efforts. When using HPC, AI, or HPDA in business, time-to-market decreased, less materials were used as there was no need for physical testing which led to great costs reduction for materials. SMEs developed unique products, innovative business opportunities and became more competitive. Additionally, they contributed to energy and resources savings. Those who reached the business growth created new vacancies.


Arctur is a Hi-Tech SME and the main private-owned supplier of HPC (High Performance Computing) services and solutions in CEE. As an innovation specialist, Arctur is working to inspire and empower organizations to reinvent themselves and co-create innovative digital products and services, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future. Arctur´s solutions have been supported by its own HPC and Cloud Computing infrastructure in a distributed, high-redundancy environment. The company has extensive experience in development and deployment of complex IT solutions (e.g. AI/ML, Blockchain, HPDA, HPC)

especially for Small and Media Enterprises (SME) in various sectors: from manufacturing to tourism and cultural heritage. Arctur won several prizes for innovative digital solutions.

Arctur is a pioneer in developing digital tools and solutions for Tourism 4.0 and in the last years, Arctur has been instrumental in helping Slovenia to achieve its ambitious vision and become the leading European country in the digitally rich experience of immovable cultural heritage. Furthermore, one of Arctur´s flagship, award-winning tool named Tourism Impact Model (TIM), is using real data to create an objective picture of the impact of tourism in a certain micro-location. It also acts as a digital twin of a tourist destination and allows data driven strategic planning aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It has been used on several locations in Slovenia and abroad. In the past 15 years, Arctur gained considerable experience in collaboration and coordination of European and national funded projects. Arctur is also actively collaborating with several Slovenian, European and global research and academic organizations.

Market applications


Technology applications

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High-Performance Computing

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High skill workers


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Researchers, engineers, technology experts, managers and developers are joined under one roof and their disruptive ideas have been realized in digital tools and solutions for Tourism 4.0 and Industry 4.0. In the last years, Arctur´s experts have been instrumental in helping Slovenia to achieve its ambitious vision and become the leading European country in the digitally rich experience of immovable cultural heritage. Furthermore, Arctur´s employees are highly competitive, thus are involved in several European and national consortia, working on several funded projects from diverse programs.

Infrastructure and equipment

Arctur-2 is Arctur’s flagship hyperconverged HPC & Cloud computing infrastructure. Arctur’s HPC center is one of the most performant privately owned HPC centers in Europe. Its HPC&Cloud computing infrastructure has been designed and built to fit various usage scenarios, from general use Cloud Computing and virtualized services to HPC as well as Big Data analytics. By converging different types of servers into a single entity, we have achieved high performance, energy efficiency and seamless management, enabling us to provide excellent services to our customers.

National networks and initiatives​

European networks and initiatives


Key ecosystem players

Arctur is working with several organization from private or public sector, located in Slovenia, Europe and also worldwide. Here are listed only some of our partners:

  • University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies -Turistica
  • HIT
  • GEN-I
  • Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia
  • STO
  • Park Postonjska jama



Tomi Ilijaš, arctur

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