Partner: Arctur

A project titled Demo Pilot Tourism 4.0 (TRL 7-9) was a continuation of the biggest R&D public funded project in the field of tourism in Slovenia, Tourism 4.0 TRL 3-6 research project. Being at the helm of the Tourism 4.0 development, Arctur aimed at taking the findings accrued within the Tourism 4.0 TRL 3-6 project even a step further and as a consequence the Demo Pilot Tourism 4.0 (TRL 7-9) has been born.

The TRL 7-9 consortium consisted of a whooping 14 partners, coming from tourism and with the hi-tech background, devoted to advance the development of the integral technology pillars of T4.0 ecosystem and setting up the first Tourism 4.0 Living Lab Slovenia, where tourism 4.0 products can be prototyped, tested and validated.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the project consortium took the opportunity to recognise the specific tourism-related problems that the pandemic uncovered and used the project’s creative environment to develop innovative Tourism 4.0 applications. Arctur’s innovative idea, an award-winning  Smart Camper Stop model, is one of them.

The Demo Pilot Tourism 4.0 project produced 22 Tourism 4.0 applications, 3 new Tourism 4.0 business models, 204 involved Tourism 4.0 Stakeholders and 233,313 active Tourists 4.0. Everything stated is proudly described in depth in the Booklet Demo piloti Turizem 4.0.


“Local residents welcome modern tourists who will contribute to the positive effect of tourism on the local environment by their actions and will not decrease their satisfaction. Only in this way can tourism be truly sustainable. That was also the main lead of the project Demo pilot Tourism 4.0 TRL 7-9, which was connected with high-tech companies and the tourist economy for the first time. All changes, innovation and creation of new solutions – applications, services, training, and business plans that build the tourism of the future were planned and developed with great passion. Decisive steps and, above all, readiness to change the old patterns were done by the partners. At Arctur, we are proud we were part of it of this consortium, which put the keystone in the tourism sector. Partners have used digital technologies to update products and work processes. Our long-term goal is, of course, an increase in the satisfaction of tourism employees and users, tourists, which will be expected also resulted in the achievement of a higher market share, the breakthrough of Slovenian knowledge to foreign markets and high economic growth.” Tomi Ilijaš, CEO and founder at Arctur


SPIRIT Slovenija, javna agencija

“We are aware that today's economy, tourism, education, science and culture are mutually dependent areas. Only those solutions in which the aforementioned areas are closely intertwined are breakthroughs, and we recognized this project as such. The Turizem 4.0 demo pilot is more than a breakthrough solution - it is a great inspiration for further cooperation, innovation and development in the tourism sector, both on domestic and foreign markets." -Rok Capl, acting director of the investment promotion agency Spirit Slovenia