August 11, 2023

DADS (DIH AGRIFOOD Data Space) is a federated data sharing platform where sharing data from the Agrifood sector is based on well-known and shared policies and rules defined by a Governance Model. The governance model is based on ethical principles and guidelines, represented by the EU Commission, which provide data sovereignty for data owners and transparency for all stakeholders of a data space.

The ITC team is developing and testing a Consent Management Platform. The platform is a web application where data owners can define dataset terms of use, and they can enforce data sovereignty over their data. All other technological building blocks needed for launching data space for public service are in the final stages of development. The platform’s launch for the general public is scheduled at the beginning of 2024. In the final stages of development, there is also the DIH AGRIFOOD Data Space Rulebook, which will define the Organizational framework for DADS.