June 21, 2024

At the event, we will present XR technologies in healthcare. Interested in how virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality can improve healthcare and promote wellbeing? Join us for an interactive seminar where we will reveal how these disruptive technologies can transform the healthcare sector.

4. 7. 2024, 12.00 – 16.00, online and onsite at Technology Park Ljubljana

What can you expect?

– Understand the impact of VR and AR on healthcare: learn how these technologies can improve diagnostic accuracy, personalised treatment and patient experience. See what telemedicine in healthcare will look like

– Therapeutic applications: Discover how VR and AR are helping to improve therapeutic methods, from physiotherapy to mental health.

– Interactive training for healthcare staff: With VR, healthcare professionals can experience realistic scenarios that prepare them for complex medical and surgical procedures and improve their skills.

– Simulations for better understanding of disease: Explore how digital twins enable a better understanding of the human body and disease, helping to develop new therapies faster.

Join us to discover how these modern technologies can improve healthcare and quality of life. The event will be led by Aleš Pevc from the Technology Office, Technology Park Ljubljana.

Demistifikacija XR tehnologij v zdravstvu