Muhamed Turkanović

PhD Computer Science, University of Maribor

Head of Operations at Digital Innovation Hub UM, Associate Professor, Head of R&D at Blockchain Lab:UM

Mr. Turkanović has more than 10 years of industry experience on an international base as a developer, technical development manager, technical director and owner of IT companies. Apart from his role as an associate profesor at the University of Maribor where he teaches subjects related to data technology and data protection he is also the founder and Head od R&D at Blockchain Lab:UM. Additionally, he is the president of the Blockchain Technical Committee at Slovenian Institute for Standardization, member of the Strategic Digitization Council for the Government of Slovenia, the University of Maribor’s coordinator for the H2020 projects (e.g. Digital Europe for All, Data4Food2030, etc.)

Nika Stajnko

MSc in Human Resource Management, University of Birmingham

junior technology transfer expert at the University of Maribor

Within DIGI-SI Ms. Stajnko provides valuable support during assessments of digital maturity of companies, digital strategies, training and development plans, and helps companies connect with researchers from the University of Maribor.

Tomi Ilijaš

MSc Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering, University of Ljubljana

CEO and Founder at Arctur d.o.o.

Mr. Ilijaš is an entrepreneur focusing on Hi-Tech innovation. Over the years he has shared his knowledge and experience with many start-ups and spin-offs in the region. He participated in many EU funded R&D projects, inventing new business models in HPCaaS and successfully breaking the barriers in bringing HPC to manufacturing SMEs. Recently, his research focus is on transferring new technologies like HPDA, IoT and Blockchain from Industry 4.0 to tourism. He is also a member of PRACE Industrial Advisory Committee.

Tanja Lucaj

MSc Economics, University of Ljubljana

Project manager at DIH Slovenia

Ms. Lucaj has been actively involved in social marketing and lifelong learning projects, with experience in project management, organisation, digital marketing, analysis and accounting. As a company director, she gained first hand knowledge of the functioning, processes and problems of existence and development of a micro-enterprise.

Špela Stres

PhD Physics, University of Ljubljana / LL.M., University of Turin

Head of Center for Technology Transfer and Innovationat at Jozef Stefan Institute

Ms. Stres has is active as patent attorney and has organized numerous events in the field of technology transfer and entrepreneurshipas well as visits from young researchers and university students to companies in Slovenia and abroad. She is also a member of the Slovenian National Commission for Innovation, evaluator of Technological projects at Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments and Industry Related Technological projects at Slovene Technology Agency and has vast experience in the creation of spin-out companies.

France Podobnik

BSc Macroeconomics, Banking and Finances, University of Ljubljana

Head of Industry Liaison Group at Center for Technology Transfer and Innovationat at Jozef Stefan Institutev

Mr. Podobnik is a part of the Technology Transfer Office since 2006. He is an expert in the fields of Macroeconomics, Banking, Finances, Statistics and Econometrics and has vast experience managing national and EU projects. He regularly works with SMEs that are looking to aquire new technologies and knowledge or are searching for research opportunities across the EU.

Tomaž Justin

MBA Clemson University, BSc International economics and Trade, University of Ljubljana

Industry Liaison Manager at Jozef stefan institute

Mr. Justin has broad expertize in designing/ executing due diligences and independent reviews for assessing the SMEs readiness for digital transformation, including stakeholders' interviews and mapping, WIIFM and WAMI analysis, stakeholder table, positioning and ranking as well as creating an inventory and assesments of existing assets. He also focuses on business processes reengineering, operational efficiency improvements, restructuring, turnaround and performance improvement.

Saša Štraus

PhD in Agriculture, University of Maribor

Senior Expert at ITC & DIH AGRIFOOD

Ms. Štraus is an expert in various areas of agriculture, from field production through the development of new products in the field of processing agricultural plants to the development of organic production in the field and livestock. She was also active in circular economy and the development of the calculation of the environmental footprint of individual products based on life cycle assessment. Morover, her areas of expertise include organization, planning, economic efficiency and management of the most demanding R&D projects, as well as investment projects.

Tomaz Bokan

MSc Electrotechnics, University of Maribor

Senior Expert at DIH AGRIFOOD

Mr. Bokan has rich experience working in the broadcast media industry and production SME. He has strong business development, project management and professional skills in Broadcast Engineering, Satellite, Digital TV, Interactive TV, and Start-ups. He has also carried out numerous internationally implemented and EU funded projects

Brane Semolič

PhD in Business Informatics, University of Maribor

Head of the LENS Living Lab and Competence Center ROBOFLEX, president of council of experts at Toolmakers Cluster of Slovenia

Mr. Smolič is an initiator of regional and international industry research and innovation partnering programs and projects, focusing on partnering in the research, technology innovation, creativity, and development of new business models, competencies, and services. He is focusing on emerging life-long learning virtual systems and services from technology innovation management, creativity, and program-project management for the needs of Industry 4.0.

Jernej Pintar

PhD in Management and Sociology, University of Ljubljana

CEO and head of Tech Community at Technology Park Ljubljana

Mr. Pintar is a diagnostician on ScaleUps and their growth. For more than a decade he has been a jury member of a national competition for fastest growing company (‘The Golden Gazelle’). He is an experienced community builder & network manager with a demonstrated history in professional trainings, coaching, sales and business networking. He also specializes in business diagnostics, negotiation, business planning and analytical skills.

Gašper Juvančič

BA in Innovation Management, Imp3rove Academy

Project Manager at Technology park Ljubljana

Mr. Juvančič is a skilled project manager and a business advisor with more than 5 years of experience overseeing the design and delivery phases of business support programs, providing consultancy and business development hands-on measures to the TPLJ SMEs' community. He has a lot of experience in Interreg and H2020 projects with the emphasis on cultural and creative sector.

Elvisa Basailović


Chief Communication Officer and Startup Expert at Technology Park Ljubljana

Ms. Basailović has been involved in the Slovene startup community for more than 10 year. She is leading the business support program for recipients of seed capital P2, SK75 and SI-SK. which includes the organization of an acceleration program, mentoring program, investor relations, and product development consulting and business networking as part of professional administrative support. Additionally, she is skilled in Storytelling, Copywriting, Content Marketing and Event Management.

Milan Lazarević

Engineer's Degree in Telecommunications, ŠC PET College

Tech Community Manager at Technology Park Ljubljana

Mr. Lazarević is a Community builder at Technology Park Ljubljana and former CTO at ABC accelerator (Largest private and award-winning accelerator in SE Europe). Within DIGI-SI he is reponsible for managing and providing support for finding investment was well as other services related to this activity. Additionally, he organizes community building events.

Majda Potokar

MSc in Entrepreneurship

Project Manager at Technology park ljubljana

Ms. Potokar works as a project manager supporting the implemetation of the Circular4.0 project focusing on supporting the transition of SMEs to circular economy through digitalization, and Diva project which aims to enhance the innovation potential of ‘traditional’ SMEs with the help of cultural and creative industries. She also has valuable experience gained during her previous engagement as a project officer in the EBRD – Business Advisory Service program and her role as a business consultant at the Centre for International Competitiveness where she worked with bigger Slovenian companies from the food, chemical, and textile industry,

Matjaž Preložnik

MSc in Electrical Engineering

DEMO Center coordinator

Mr. Preložnik is the coordinator of the DEMO center, establiched within DIGITECH SI-East/KC ROBOFLEX. DEMO center in active in the field of collaborative robotics and will be the holder of the "Test before Invest" activities within DIGITECH SI-East as a partner of DIGI-SI.

Maja Sušec

BSc in Finance and Banking, University of Maribor

DIH UM coordinator, Senior Technology Transfer Expert

Ms. Sušec has ample experience working on international projects within different EU programmes. Her areas of expertise include project management, supporting companies in their search for international partners, advising on EU and national funding opportunities, providing assistance with project content preparation, and organizing events (e.g. networking trainings and workshops).

Sarah Vidmar

MA English Language and Literature, and Slovene Language and Literature, University of Maribor

junior technology transfer expert at the University of Maribor

Ms. Vidmar areas of expertise are communication and marketing. She is also responsible for organizing various events and workshops on digitalization. She is actively promoting DIGI-SI and spreading the word about the innovative technologies and ingenuity of the DIGI-SI community.

Martina Murovec

BSc Business and Management, University of Primorska

COO at Arctur d.o.o.

Ms. Murovec has extensive experience in managing international projects and leading multicultural project teams. Her areas of expertise include business processes, negotiation, strategic planning, business process improvement, and strategy.

Hrvoje Ratkajec

PhD in Modern Economic History, University of Primorska

R&D Project Manager at Arctur d.o.o.

Mr. Ratkajec is currently engaged in Tourism 4.0. initiative at Arctur as an R&D project manager, developing Tourism 4.0 products and leading international R&D projects. He provides consultations and advises various stakeholders from industry (SMEs), NGOs, public institutions etc. on how to develop their ideas and obtain finances.

Simon Vrbanič

BSc Informatics and Technologies of Communication, University of Maribor

Assistant Project Manager at DIH Slovenia

Mr. Vrbanič has more than 10 years' project management experience. At DIH Slovenia he works in the domain of international cooperation, project management and digital ecosystembuilding.

Katja Mohar Bastar

MSc Economics, University of Maribor

Director at DIH Slovenia

Ms. Mohar Bastar is an experienced project manager with more than 15 years of experience in the field of ICT and Telecommunication regulation at the EU level. At DIHSlovenia she is managing the business and projects related to the SME digitalization, upskilling with digital competencies and promotional activities for new technologies.

Marko Teodorović

LLM, University of Ljubljana

Lawyer and Assistant Project Manager at DIH Slovenia

Within DIH Slovenia Mr. Teodorović is mainly responsible for legal and project work where he successfully deals with a variety of tasks that fall into different working areas.

Robert Blatnik

MSc Computer Science and Telecommunications, Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School

Senior Technology Manager at Center for Technology Transfer and Innovationat at Jozef Stefan Institute

Over the years Mr. Blatnik has participated in a number of applied research and development projects in the area of digital communication, personal identification and intelligent security systems in cooperation with Slovenian and foreign industrial and research partners, resulting in several hundred successfully installed end user systems. In the past 4 years he has also been responsible for spinout business development, technology licensing and management of international projects in the field of technology innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual property valuation.

Marjeta Trobec

MSc Inernational Economics, University of Ljubljana

Spinout and Promotion Specialist at Center for Technology Transfer and Innovationat at Jozef Stefan Institute

Ms. Trobec works in Technology Transfer Office at JSI since 2002 as an expert in project management and technology transfer. She is an operative manager of the EIC & IRC Slovenia project (Enterprise Europe Network Slovenia). Her tasks also include working with researchers and SMEs that are interested in new technologies and knowledge or are looking for research opportunities on the EU level.

Daniel Copot

MSc Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, University of Maribor

DIH AGRIFOOD manager, Business Development Manager and senior international consultant

Mr. Copot has more than 20 years of experience carrying out leading-edge international projects in ICT, Telecommunications, Broadcasting and implementation of ICT in Agriculture and other sectors. He is a highly skilled international Project manager with vast experience in international consulting and a recognized international trainer with empahsis on topics such as project management and rural development. He also coordinates several initiatives and projects focused on rural development, working closely with stakeholders in the food supply chain and public organizations.

Aleksandra Kocet

BSc from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor

Project and senior communication Manager at ITC

Ms. Kocet has more than 10 years of experience in consulting and training in administration & accounting, rural development, waste management, health insurance and has a track record in rural development strategic and operational work, being active at Regional Development Agency Mura. She is highly skilled in communication and dissemination activities and develops efficient plans for ITC, DIH AGRIFOOD and EU funded projects with the aim of achieving high visibility and impact in rural development and digital transformation.

Tomaz Zadravec

BSc Elelctrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Project Manager at itc

Mr. Zadravec has more than 10 years of experience in development, training and consulting in ICT, tourism and Agrofood. In the past, he was involved in many projects dealing with Short food supply chains and marketing of local products. He supported numerous innovations in sustainable tourism and gastronomy through support provided to start-ups, projects and applications. He has excellent knowledge of cross-sectoral cooperation, where ICT plays a horizontal role together with knowledge and skills on social media interaction and digital marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ...).

Tone Sagadin

MSc in Economics, University of Maribor

Manager at Toolmakers Cluster of Slovenia, Coordinator of Business services at DIGITECH SI-East and Competence Centre ROBOFLEX

Mr. Sagadin has a strong background in strategic management consulting, business consulting, project management consulting and consulting on EU and Slovenian R&D policies, programmes and calls. He has also participated in EC DG CONNECT Working group on Digital Innovation hubs and is a member of the Management board of Association of Management Consulting within Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Club of entrepreneurs Zlatorog Celje

Luka Semolič

MSc in Computer Science, University of Maribor

CEO and co-founder of INTESO Group, INOVA Consulting and Competence Center ROBOFLEX, co-organizer of LENS Living Lab

Mr. Semolič specializes in cloud computing services and hybrid communication technologies with applications for clients from different industrial sectors (automotive, logistics, manufacturing, trade, education and R&D). He is a techno-entrepreneur and a software developer and established his first company in 2012.

Aleš Pevc

MSc from Faculty of Electical Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Creative technologies and new business model consultant at Technology Park Ljubljana

Mr. Pevc supports companies interseted in DIGI-SI test before invest services, and develops skills workshiops and trainings for SMEs working in the the field of ciruclar & digital transformation, XR, Metavers and Blockchain techologies. He also focusen on building a robust innovation ecosystem and advancing connectivity within the XR and Blockchain community.

Rebeka Žerovnik

BSc Graphic Communication, University of Ljubljana

Project Manager at Tehcnology Park Ljubljana

Ms. Žerovnik is an experienced project and community manager of DIH Healthday.si. Within DIGI-SI she provides assistance and guidance for companies and organizations in the field of health and organizes training activities and consultation with focus on the thematic priority area "Health".

Monika Cvetkov

PhD of Agronomy and Crop Science, University of Ljubljana

Project Manager at technology park ljubljana

Ms. Cvetkov manages and coordinates several EU-funded projects dealing with innovation in green/blue growth and general digitalization. She has vast exerience working as a project manager in rural development in order to promote farmers' entrepreneurship and educate youth for agronomy and local food sufficiency.

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